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Becoming a Learning System: Revised Edition

Stephanie Hirsh, Kay Psencik, & Frederick Brown

Every student should have the opportunity to attend a great school filled with great teachers. This book explores the idea that, for this to happen, school districts must become learning systems.

In a learning system, every educator in the district focuses intently on learning — at whatever level each serves. Those educators share responsibility for student and adult learning, dedicate themselves to continuous improvement, use data to drive decisions, and monitor and adjust their practices based on feedback.

This revised edition - based on Learning Forward's definition of professional learning and Standards for Professional Learning, which together offer district leaders a framework to guide daily decisions that promote continuous improvement - includes more intentional focus on the role of curriculum and instructional materials in a learning system. It emphasizes the importance of concentrating school- and team-based professional learning largely on the curriculum that teachers use with students. This focus reflects recent research that recognizes the power of a high-quality curriculum in improving student achievement. The book outlines the knowledge, skills, attitudes, dispositions, and behaviors district leaders need to lead, facilitate, and coach school leaders and leadership teams to embed the definition and standards into schools' daily routines as they integrate high-quality curriculum with professional learning.

Like other books in this series, Becoming a Learning School and Becoming a Learning Team, the chapters of Becoming a Learning System are supplemented by a comprehensive collection of online tools.

Published: Learning Forward, 2018

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