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Leading Schools in Disruptive Times: How to Survive Hyper-Change (Product Unavailable for Purchase)

Dwight L. Carter, Mark White

From social media to evolving safety issues to constant school reform, today’s school leaders face unprecedented disruption. How can educators prepare students for a globalized world when many institutions are not ready for the constantly changing 21st century?

In Leading Schools in Disruptive Times, Dwight Carter and Mark White draw the blueprint for adaptation. Through the Coping, Adjusting, and Transforming (CAT) strategy, administrators will learn vital methods for keeping pace in the age of hyper-change. 

 A comprehensive history of disruption in American schools as a lens for understanding accelerated change 
 Practical exercises and real-life examples for reshaping education in the 21st century
 A grounded examination of radical disruptions schools will face in the years to come.

If our schools are to survive, it is essential for educators to understand and anticipate disruptions, and use them to maximize education and prepare students for an ever-changing world.

Published: Corwin, 2018

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