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Becoming a Learning Team, 2nd Edition

Stephanie Hirsh & Tracy Crow

Becoming a Learning Team, Second Edition, offers teachers step-by-step guidance in using collaborative learning time to solve specific student learning challenges. This book outlines a process for using student data to craft student and educator learning goals leading to learning plans, implementation steps, and progress monitoring.
The second edition focuses more explicitly on the role of learning teams in implementing high-quality instructional materials and what that means for student and educator learning goals and agendas.

Teacher teams can use the tools and strategies to:
* Understand the value and importance of collaborative learning to improve teaching and learning;
* Launch a learning team cycle with five key stages;
* Support the meaningful implementation of high-quality instructional materials;
* Implement each of the five stages with specific strategies and supporting protocols;
* Adapt the cycle to fit specific school and district calendars and initiatives; and
* Engage external support in sustaining learning teams.

This book builds on the ideas explored in companion publications Becoming a Learning System and Becoming a Learning School. Each chapter includes additional tools and vignettes of actual school-based learning teams to help teachers facilitate or lead learning team cycles as part of their daily routines.

While many schools use PLCs or other collaborative structures for teacher learning, little information is available that attends to exactly what happens during that collaborative time. With a focus on the day-to-day actions in classrooms between students, educators, and instructional materials, this book provides a clear road map showing how to use that time for maximum impact.

Published: Learning Forward, 2018

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